Proving One More Time, Jennifer Lopez Still Owns The Best Rear

I know I've said it time and time again, but I really do love Jennifer Lopez. I don't care about her personal life and all of that drama. Sure it's interesting to read about but there are far more intriguing things about Jennifer to talk about. Her movies are nearly always panned by critics but to be honest, I actually like a good romantic comedy from time to time and she's definitely made some good ones.
As much as I hate admitting it in public, "Monster-In-Law" is one of my all time favorite movies in the rom-com genre. Her music has always been somewhat hit or miss with me but that can be said for just about every pop star out there. I'm just not a big fan of pop music but she's released a few songs that I crank up and dance to in my living room when I'm feeling down. Here, Jennifer films "Q Viva! The Chosen" in Peru. The show will be a talent competition that I imagine will be similar to "American Idol". Perhaps not, but I'll be watching regardless. I'll be watching for the same reason I watched "American Idol" this year - Jennifer. Okay, that's not entirely true. I tuned in to AI for Steven Tyler but Jennifer was a wonderful bonus.


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